There is a piece of spiral polyester filter belt.
The polyester filter belt with drying efficiancy and easy clean, is used in pulp and paper production.

Customer: manager of paper mill in Netherlands.
Product: polyester filter belt.
Quantity: 500 m2.

Our customer was the manger of a paper mill in Netherlands, he wanted to purchase the filter belt in the filtering production. When producing the paper, there will be lots of sludge. They needed one type of filter belts to remove the sludge. Besides, the filter belt should be solid to bear the frequency of utilization.

He founded our website on the Google and was interested in our sludge dewatering belt very much after browsing our website. He sent the inquiry to us and see if we could supply the products for him.

Negotiation introduction
Our customer required that the thickness of belt should be 0.4 mm, but our common specification of sludge dewatering belt was 0.6 mm. After discussing with our technicians, we decided to produce them in special method. Through several tries, we was successful and the products reached customer's requirement.

Production introduction
After confirming the order, we started to produce the sludge dewatering belt for our customer. Because we have skilled workers and advanced equipment, so the production was very smooth. The products were well-packed to ensure the good condition our customer received.

A large loom is producing the white polyester filter belt.
We have large loom to produce the special width of polyester filter belt.
A large blue polyester filter belt is tiling on the ground.
We have skilled workers for perfect overlapping.
Four color band cloths in white, blue, green and yellow colors.
Polyester filter belt in color band cloth package to save freight fees.
Two long wooden box on the ground.
Polyester filter belt in wooden box package to ensure the perfect condition of filter belt.

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