Polyester Dryer Fabric

Polyester dryer fabric, available in woven and spiral patterns, is ideal for paper sheet drying with high efficiency and runnability.

Polyester Forming Fabric

High quality polyester forming fabric, suits various types of paper machines features high dimensional stability and minimum drainage resistance.

Sludge Dewatering Belt

Quality polyester sludge dewatering belt, with excellent permeability, allows for a repaid sludge dehydration and ease of belt cleaning.

Polyester Pulp Fabric

Polyester pulp washing fabric with excellent dimensional stability, is ideal for paper pulp washing, filtration, separation and metallurgy industries.

Polyester Filter Mesh

Polyester filter mesh, with stable physical property, is designed for most filtration applications such as water and gas filtration.

Flour Bolting Cloth

Flour bolting cloth, made of quality polyester, has excellent performance in grain milling, filtration, screen printing, dedusting and mining.

Desulfurization Mesh Fabric

Polyester mesh fabric, woven from polyester monofilaments and multifilaments, is designed for flue gas desulfurization and sludge dewatering.

Anti-static Filter Fabric

Quality anti-static polyester mesh with added conductive threads to dissipate static electricity produced when the equipment runs in a high speed.

Seams & Edges

Polyester filter belt with various styles of edges and seams including endless seam, stainless steel clip seam, spiral seam and warp-ring seams.

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