Polyester Mesh Fabric for Flue Gas Desulfurization

Desulfurization mesh fabric made from mixed polyester monofilaments and multifilaments, also performs excellent in areas of flue gas desulfurization and filtration such as sludge dewatering. Desulfurization mesh fabric is also called as vacuum filter belt as it matches with a wide range of vacuum filtration machines.

A piece of orange desulfurization mesh fabric with a smooth surface that ensure ease of peeling off filtered cake.
Desulfurization mesh fabric


  • Smooth surface allows for excellent filter cake release.
  • Fabric with different water permeability is tailored to customer's needs.
  • Excellent dimensional stability and pressure resistance.
  • Stable property against heat and moisture.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals like acids and organic solvents.
  • High filtration rate and production efficiency.
  • Low elongation and low thermal shrinking.
  • High versatility makes the fabric match with various filters.
  • Stable running performance minimizes wrinkle problems.
  • Wear and tear resistance ensures a longer service life.
A piece of desulfurization mesh fabric with very fine weft filaments.
Desulfurization mesh fabric series-1
With super fine weft multi-filament threads
A piece of desulfurization mesh fabric whose weft thread is composed of thin filaments.
Desulfurization mesh fabric series-2
With thin weft multifilament threads
The profile of a desulfurization mesh fabric shows this fabric has a three-layer structure
Three-layer structure makes the fabric extremely strong and durable.
A piece of desulfurization mesh fabric with stainless steel joint and reinforced edges permits longer lifespan.
Stainless steel joint and heat resistant fabric reinforced edges for longevity.


  • Environmental protection - flue gas desulfurization and wastewater treatment.
  • Mine industry - mine smelting such as copper concentrate and golden deposit.
  • Filtration and separating - food processing, salt, colliery, sludge dewatering industry.
  • Conveyor belt - pulp making, medicine, drying, shoe-making, clothing industry.
  • Other industries such as garbage incineration, pulp making and the pharmacy industry.


  • Material: high quality polyester material.
  • Weave pattern: plain and twilled weave.
  • Suitable machine: vacuum rubber belt filter, vacuum horizontal belt filter, vacuum drum filter and vertical filter press.
  • Edges: heat-sealed edge or coated edge.
  • Width: up to 6 meters.
  • Length: up to 105 meters.
  • Seam treatment: endless spliced seaming, pin and stainless clip seam.


Desulfurization mesh fabric specifications
Code Filament diameter (mm) Density (threads/cm) Tensile strength (N/cm) Weight (kg/m2) Thickness (mm) Air permeability (m3/m2h) Filter precision (μm)
Warp Flat yarn Weft Warp Weft Surface Joining
DMF-1 50 × 32 0.16 × 6 + 0.5 28.5 25 2200 1000 1.2 1.95 1600 50 - 80
DMF-2 50 × 32 600D filament + 0.5 28.5 21 2200 1000 0.9 1.9 720 20 - 50
DMF-3 50 × 32 600D filament + 0.5 28.5 25 2200 1000 1.3 2 280 2 - 10

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